I really never expected to reopen my website, but here we are. Since Facebook shut down the frame studio for everyone except the projects they invested heavily in, I decided to put my frames here. I will not mention what those projects are as I will not give them any free publicity. And not only do they not want us making frames, but they also don't want users to use the frames already published, rendering my frames page useless. My facebook page started in 2018 and over the years created 800+ frames. My intention is to get them all on this website for you all to enjoy.

These frames are offered to you for FREE! I only ask that you leave my watermark intact. I placed it in a way that would not be intrusive. If you use one of my frames I would love to see the results. You can tag me on my old facebook page: steelegrafixdotcom.

Unfortunately, there is no way I can duplicate the same type of program that Facebook offered to convert photo and frame into one image. So, all I offer is the frames themselves. I did find a place online that is totally free to use to place a frame over your own photos. You will have to download your chosen frames to your computer in order to do that. Thanks to a few of my followers, I am able to provide links to some online overlay editors. You will find a link on every page that contains frames. Of course, if you can find another online source that will do the job, go for it. And if it works really well, let me know about it through my contact page and I will post it for everyone else. If you actually read this far down the home page, congratulations, as this will be the only place on the site that I will offer this service; if you need a little help with placing a frame over your photo, you can send the ID number of your preferred frame and your photo to my facebook frame page messenger and I can place it for you, at no charge. You can send your information to me through my contact page. Send only one single request per week, please. This requirement may change in the future depending on how demand goes. We will see how this goes. A request would be one frame, one photo every 7 days. Obscene photos will be ignored. Please note that I am not able to take any special requests beyond what I offer at this time. Maybe my old facebook page will serve a purpose after all!

What's really neat is you don't necessarily have to use them on any particular platform. You can use these frames for anything you want. I apologize in advance to those who use phones more than the use of a laptop or PC. This website is optimized for PCs. That said, I have supplied a QR code for each frame for those who would like to use them on other devices. Look for a photo overlay app where you download apps. There are many.

The bottom of this page is dedicated to the past. It holds a collection of elements I created 20+ years ago when people were able to place code on their social media pages. I am pretty proud of them. It was around that time I taught myself HTML coding. A major feat for me. They are no longer available now but are there for your enjoyment if you care to take a look. If not, I won't be offended.

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